Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Elise, you're 3 years old...

Dear Elise,

Three is now your favorite number. You've been so excited to turn three that you'll tell anyone who'll listen. In fact, you'll tell anyone anything as long as they are willing to listen to you. Yep, you are a talker. Some days, I have to ask you to please stop talking for just five minutes. It never works, but I try. I should know by now that it does nothing but make you start talking more, but I still try.


The biggest news these past three months is that you are finally, finally, finally potty-trained. I never really pushed it with you, and I really let you lead the way. And once you were ready, you were ready. You've had maybe one or two accidents, but other than that, you are a champ. Fortunately, you inherited my bladder of steel, so we don't have to stop too often while we are out and about. I am definitely thankful for the small things in life.

About a month ago, you and Beckett got to be in Aunt Ingrid and Uncle Kyle's wedding as the flower girl and ring bearer. You were so incredibly cute and grown-up about the whole thing. I about melted into a pile of mush on the floor as you took Beckett's hand and attempted to guide him down the aisle. He wasn't quite as into it as you were, but regardless, you were simply adorable.


You continue to impress me with your vocabulary. You're not super interested in learning the sounds letters make (although you do know all your letters), however, you love to count. You count everything. All the time.  You can also recognize groups of items up to four without having to individually count them. I think this makes you a genius, although it's probably totally age-appropriate.


We've had further battles with getting you to sleep in your bed and stay there. You just much prefer to sleep with me. Problem is I am the world's lightest sleeper, and I don't exactly like sleeping with you. And while you have no problem spending 24 hours/day with me, I prefer a little break from you every now and again. You're cute and sweet, and I love you and all, but even in your sleep, you exhaust me.


If I had to pick one word to describe you, I think it would be vibrant. You live out loud. Your personality is bold. You command attention. You are vibrant. My sweet girl, I hope you retain every drop of that vibrancy as you continue to learn about this world and enjoy life. You are truly a gift to us and everyone around you. I love you so much, Mommy

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